Top 6 SEO Google Chrome Extensions in 2020


Whether your either conduction SEO research or merely trying to improve your overall strategy, having SEO tools just a click away is very useful to have. This is where having the best SEO Chrome extensions come into play.

With Google Chrome having about 40% of the market share, it is more than essential to know the best extensions out there for SEOs and digital marketers purposes.

So here are my top Google Chrome Extensions for SEO:

Moz Bar

The Moz bar is a handy tool for SEO pros to having because it gives you some critical metrics of any website instantly. It gives you a quick authority score through its Domain score that helps with classifying the strength of the website. It will also highlight Do-Follow and No-Follow links, which can help you when your out link prospecting or checking your backlinks. The last free feature that is important to note is its ability to expose page elements, markup, and even HTTP status. These can be of use when doing competitor research to identify weak points and where you can gain leverage within your industry.


This extension is handy when you’re trying to do manual outreach for your off-page SEO strategies. It gives you instant access to contact information on any websites that it detects possible information on. Hunter io detects any email that can be associated with the website. You can then take these emails and begin your outreach campaigns by targeting webmasters or bloggers that would be interested in a guest post or a lovely content swap.


SEOquake is a free plugin that is loved by many SEO’s as it makes auditing websites a breeze by just a click of a button. It allows you to discover things such as keyword difficulty for you to identify possible keywords that you could target depending on your website’s domain rank. It also lets you check for keyword density so that you have a good idea of what Google is ranking on the first page so that you can go and replicate this tactic. Not only does it give you an in-depth on-page audit, but you can also check for mobile compatibility from a click of a button.

Check My Links

This plugin is excellent when scanning for broken link opportunities. It instantly scans webpages checking for broken links. It can be a great time saver for any link-builder. You can then identify what that broken link was by using waybackmachine and then create the same piece of content and pitch it to the webmaster to try to gain an excellent backlink to your website.

Keywords Everywhere

This plugin is excellent to identify “related” keywords and also “people search for” instantly. Keyword research is a significant part of SEO, and it can be time-consuming when having to come up with content marketing topics for your website. This plugin makes the process go a lot faster when deciding on some keywords to target on your next content marketing campaign. Not only does it give you a monthly search volume, but it also gives you a cost-per-click cost if you wanted to do some Google Adwords. This puts all of your keyword researching needs right in front of you instead of having to shift back and forth from webpages trying to find the right keywords for you.


This extension is great for prospecting for outreach, whether it’s for people, websites, or links. You can do it all from this simple chrome plugin that gives you contact details instantly from any website. You can add bloggers or webmasters and even add them to a contact list if you would like. Prospecting is a tough task to do, and it can especially be time-consuming, which is why I had to include this one on the list because it takes much time and effort out of the process. It is easily one the best outreach extensions out there right now, and the only downside is that it is a paid plugin, but they offer a 14-free day trial period.


As an SEO, our time is valuable, and we need to spend it on only the things that matter. Having the most efficient chrome plugins can be a lifesaver when conducting your industry research, which is why it’s essential to choose the correct ones. If you pick the right ones such as the ones mentioned in this list, then you can guarantee your productivity levels to increase when doing your next SEO audit or job.