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Top Email Marketing Tips to Vouch For

The real purpose of email marketing is to encourage customers to remain subscribed in order to initiate more sales. Test a few times, and you will have your present customers remained subscribed to you in the future.

Email marketing tips to grow your business

Email is a great tool to deliver targeted content to interested subscribers. Make sure all your emails are delivered to the intended recipients by designing your email right to accomplish maximum benefits. You can also use a template, but you have to ensure that an email marketing campaign is designed by taking all relevant details into account. Here are some of the top e-commerce email marketing tips to vouch for:

Email Automation

Automation saves the time and effort which is required for manually sending out a personalized email to the subscribers. It works by designing an email communication strategy and addressing individual or unique subscriber concerns throughout the entire email lifecycle. It is crucial to make your subscribers feel how much you value their relationship. This is the reason why sending out automated emails works well to encourage engagement as well as boost sales.

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Once a subscriber signs up for the newsletter or purchases his first order, start off a string of automated emails but don’t spam them unwanted information, or he will eventually block you for good. It is a good idea to start with welcome emails and transactional emails before you send out any promotional emails. Cart abandonment emails can be triggered if the subscriber has left an item in the cart.

Useful contents for webmasters:

Encourage users to stop thinking and start buying. Go that extra mile by taking every user’s info into account. You can automate emails to offer special discounts to users on their birthdays or anniversaries or include a gift or coupon to customers who have just placed a large order. You can also a small selection of other product recommendations if a buyer has an incomplete purchase or has canceled an order. It helps you think out of the box for enhancing customer interaction through email. Brainstorm some unique ideas to promote your e-commerce business.

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Email Send Time

Apart from designing an effective email, you should also pay attention to the time of sending an email, if you want the recipients to open it. No customer wants to receive an email at 3 AM, no matter how tempting your offered deals are. You must do enough research about the right time-slot for engaging maximum customer interaction to get the best results from an email campaign.

MailChimp states that Thursday is the ideal day for sending out emails and at 10 AM in the morning, regardless of the time zone of the recipients. However, it is important that you keep tracking your email analytics to closely monitor the best times for your own audience for choosing a time that works best for your e-commerce business.

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A Prominent Call to Action

No email is complete without a CTA says John from the digital marketing agency. If your previous emails have been aimed at only delivering information and not deriving an action, you have been wasting your efforts. There has to be a distinctly visible CTA in all your emails to bridge the gap between you and the consumer.

Test Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketers generally believe that it requires time to A/B test emails. However, small investments can go a long way. By testing an email marketing campaign, you can judge the best offer for your customer base. It also helps you categorize groups of customers and send emails accordingly.

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