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Top 16 dropshipping items in 2021

Top 16 dropshipping items in 2021
Top 16 dropshipping items in 2021

Thinking about an excellent dropshipping idea is the first step to becoming a great entrepreneur. But coming up with a good idea doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated. Try not to overthink it because it can stop you from sticking with that idea. 

Now let us talk about some of the products that became very popular this year.

fitness tracker

This device exploded on the market. A fitness tracker is something like a watch that measures your heart rate, footsteps, etc. Professional sportspeople and people getting started with any sports are investing in these devices like crazy.

 Teeth whitening kit

I think it’s obvious why this is on this list. Everyone has teeth, and everyone wants to have pearly white teeth; this is why this product is so popular.

USB charging dock 

It allows you to charge numerous devices while using one power outlet. It’s a classic household hack that keeps your cellphones, watches, laptops charged.

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Baby carrier

This product makes parenthood a little bit easier. There are different types of baby carriers, such as wraps, soft-structured, but the most popular are baby slings. 

Yoga mat 

With this pandemic, people have been taking care of themselves a bit more. They spend more time at home, so you will need a yoga mat if you want to do yoga.

 Facial Mask 

Were you worried about not being able to get a facial in your local beauty center? Don’t be; you can buy facial masks and give yourself a facial at home.

Insulated bottle

Great for any outdoor or indoor activities. This product will keep your drink hot or cold long enough. Insulated bottles also help our planet. If you own one, you won’t need plastic bottles.


More prominent celebrities are promoting this powdered green tea that you mix with hot water. It can boost your metabolism, detox your body, enhance mood and concentration.

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 Tea tree oil

It is one of the favorites in the natural product industry. Famous for its antiseptic attributes, it is one of the most wanted essential oil you can buy.

 LED lamp

LED lamps and lights are decorative pieces that will make its consumer feel good about maintaining their energy while saving money on power bills. You can find LED lamps in various colors, sizes, designs; 3d optical illusion lamps are also a thing.


Sunglasses are a great niche product because they’re cheap to make and highly profitable. Sunglasses are suitable for private labeling, which adds immediate value to your product.

Calligraphy pens 

The antique art of writing is on the rise—this type of lettering is considered adult coloring-in and a remarkably satisfying crafty activity. Platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are exciting this art form. More and more people are discovering this, and they are very interested in it.

Eyelash Extensions

 Celebrities have a significant impact on the popularity of this product. People used to go to the salon to get their eyelash extensions, but now they can all do it from home.

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 Artificial flowers 

Consumers use artificial flowers for decoration, at weddings, in offices, etc. The benefits of fake flowers are endless; they don’t wither away, you don’t have to water them.

Resistance bands

 Much needed product that you have to include in your exercise routine.


If you want to film scenarios from afar, this is the product you have to buy.

Final thoughts

Those were a couple of products that are very popular in 2021. Even if you don’t pick any of these, you still have a great chance to increase eCommerce revenue. Find the best solution that won’t cost you a lot and that is profitable. Invest smart.


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